JRR Tolkien was born 3rd January 1892 in South Africa, his parents, Arthur and Mabel were originally from Birmingham but had emigrated to South Africa. In 1895 Mabel brought Ronald and his younger brother Hilary to Birmingham to meet the Grandparents for the first time. Whilst here, Mabel received news that Arthur had contracted rheumatic fever, sadly, he died before she was able to return to South Africa. With no desire to return to South Africa, Mabel and the 2 boys settled in the hamlet of Sarehole, at 5 Gracewell cottages (now 264 Wake Green Road, a private residence), they lived here for 4 years from 1896 until 1900. He said that his years here were the happiest years of his youth.

Published on Oct 28, 2013

This features a detailed analysis of the underlying themes of this great epic, Tolkien’s sources and influences, and the languages of Middle-Earth. It shed light on Gandalf and the rest of the Fellowship and takes an insightful look at Orcs, Ents, Elves, Dwarves and others. 3-D mapping techniques illuminate the world of Middle-Earth, based on Tolkien’s original drawings and texts. Visit Fangorn Forest, the stronghold of Helm’s Deep, Saruman’s fortress of Isengard, and the lands of Rohan and Mordor. Trace the journeys of the characters day by day, unravel intricacies of the plot, and hear Michael Stanton- the world’s leading Tolkien authority- explain why The Lord of the Rings has always been so popular.